We have negotiated and signed an Agreement in Principle (AiP) with the Governments of Canada and the Northwest Territories. 

Because it is the policy of the Government of Canada not to re-open, change, or displace existing historical treaties during modern treaty negotiations, Deh Gah Got'ie' membership can rest assured that all of the rights enjoyed under Treaty 11 will continue to exist after the modern treaty is finalized.

As the traditional inhabitants of the Fort Providence region, our Nation’s members have a special historical, cultural and spiritual connection to the land. As such, the right to self-government as well as a degree of control over wildlife, water and natural resources is vital in ensuring the future prosperity and health of Deh Gah Got'ie' First Nation.

Under the Agreement-in-Principle, Deh Gah Got'ie' First Nation will select approximately 6,474 square kilometers of treaty Settlement Lands. These lands will provide Deh Gah Got'ie' First Nation the opportunity to finally realize the goal of self-government over their traditional territory.