The Deh Gah Gotie First Nation (DGGFN) Chief, Council and senior staff had a Governance and Planning Workshop over three evenings in (January 25-27, 2016). It was very productive. Here are some of the highlights. 


We reaffirm our Mission (or the reason our First Nation government exists)


Guided by Dene Law, values and principles, the Deh Gah Gotie First Nation is commited to self-governance that represents and serves the membership, our traditional lands and waters, and reflects our Treaty and Constitutional rights. 


The current Chief and Council determined the main result we want to chieve over our two year term. We expressed this is our Vision statement . 


Deh Gah Gotie First Nation is a strong, self-reliant Dene government, respected and supported by our members. 


We set out  12 priorities in our Action Plan. We are committed to making sure that we accomplish these actions. 

  1. DGGFN policies guide consistent, fair decisions. All leaders and staff will adhere to them and we will monitor this. 
  2. DGGFN depeneds on its staff to carry out the direction of the leadership. We'll be having regular staff meetings to support and encourage thier work. 
  3. To achieve our vision of a strong, self-reliant Dene government, DGGFN will be focusing on building a strong team within DGGFN.
  4. DGGFN needs to have financial stability to operate effectively. We'll be assessing our financial situation. 
  5. DGGFN will be developing a financial strategy to recover stability within our government. 
  6. Our community is hurting. We are committed to rebuilding and revitalizing the Tri-Council and Interagency Commitee and focusing on community wellness, especially among our youth. 
  7. DGGFN will be outreaching to rebuild relationships with members. Members can expect home visits from the Chief and Councilors.
  8. DGGFN will be having regular membership meetings. The next membership meeting is ______ __, _____
  9. DGGFN as a member of the Dehcho First Nations, is party to the Dehcho Process. We will be assessing new informations and seeking agreement on our position with members. 
  10. DGGFN through its economic arm, is involved in business enterprises. We will be focusing on reseolving some long standing issues associated with these ventures. 
  11. DGGFN will be updating its Election Code. Look for a membership meeting in June to discuss the proposed Election Code.
  12. DGGFN will continue efforts to officially have our community name Deh Gah Got'ie Koe. This is what the elders have always called our home. 


What can you do?

As our Mission states, DGGFN's role is to serve our membership and out traditional lands and waters. Elected leaders and staff cannot fulfill this mission alone. We need your help. So what can you do?

  • Make time to share your thoughts with Chief and Council when we visit.
  • Come to the membership meeting
  • Support our staff to do their work in the best possible way.
  • Volunteer for activities that get community members involved. 
  • Care for each other. 
  • Be a force of positive change in the community. 
  • Honour and follow our Dene Law, Values and Principles.