Resource Management

Office Operations: The office operations involve answering phones, checking emails and dealing with the public. 



Community Harvester's Assitance Program (CHAP): This program is used to assist harvesters with gas, oil and ther hardware to do harvesting out on the land. To date nets were purchased and distributed out to community memebers . Gas was also proided to 40 local haresters for hunting. 

Local Wildlife Committee (LWC): The local wildlife committee funding id used for office operations such as office rent, and the blue shop fuel and maintenance, and the financial audit is pai out of this budget. 

Aboriginal Aquatic REsources & Ocean Management (AAROM): Received applications for the position, upon reviewing the applicants, Jospeh Lacorne and Stephen Nadli were hired and were the most experiences fo the job. 

Mushrooms: Assisted the bans with putting up posters along Highway 3 t make mushrooms pickers aware of what is expected of them when they are in our traditional area. 

Land Use Permits and Research Licences: Review and provide input that is required if land use or research is within Deh Gah Gotie's traditional land use area. 

Other Hunting Areas: 

Fort Nelson First Nation Traditional Terriroty: Dealth with the REsoure Manager in that are to get form to het permission to hunt in their traditional territory. Fexed letter of correspondence to Chiefs in Fort Liard and Nahanni Butte.

Firearms Applications for harvesters: Keep up to date on the Canadian Firearms Website to see what types of forms are current, and assis hervesters with applications. Once in a while call the head office in Edmonton to talkt o chief Firearms offices og the status of hte harvesters aoopications. ON a case by case basis. To date approximately 12 people. 

Harvesters Blue Shop: The blue shop is used by the local hunters int he community mainly to fix up thei snow machines.

Wood Bison: The Deh Gah Gotie First Nation requested 5 tags on December 9th, 2015 and 2 bison were harvested. The funding part was from the wellness program. The harvesters that assisted with this were Lucas Elleze, Allan Farcy and Walter Landry. Dry meat was made by Mary Rose Landry, Margaret Ann Landry and Mary Agnes Farcy. 2 tags were given to the school for their culture programs and the Deh Gah Gotie First Nations has 1 tag left.